Hardware / Embedded Software / Data Analytics
We follow a powerful approach

From idea to viable product

As builders, we conceive, engineer and prototype your groundbreaking product idea.
Stucked in the development? Leverage our talent pool to complete required competencies in your team.

What we do

Rapid prototyping

We leverage popular platforms like Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone or ESP32 and tools like 3D printing to rapidly and cost effectively develop first prototypes of your product.

Product Development

During custom product development, we do the electrical engineering, firmware development and cloud connectivity to make your product work exactly the way you imagined.

Data Science

To leverage the customer value in your sensor data, our Data Scientists and Mathematicians help you preprocess, analyze and beautifully display results.


Our top priority is the long-term success of your product. That’s why we leverage our business experience in the IoT industry to consult your product vision before we begin engineering.

Introducing Launch Lab.

Developing a full blown IoT product requires a wide range of skillset. From sketching first ideas and understanding what you are really selling, to creating first prototypes and engineering the product, we can help you cover the whole product lifecycle and succeed faster.

Engineering at its finest

IoT specialists

We’re 100% focused on crafting smart devices. All of our staff are experienced in the IoT space. We know what it takes to bring a product to the market. You are not alone.

Don't say no

We have been involved in a wide variety of tasks from EMC compliance audit to complete product development. Regardless of the size of the engagement, you can count on Hard Code.

Reasonable prices

Our delivery center is located in the CEE region. You will benefit from the strong engineering traditions and nice cost savings. See for yourself and get a quote.

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What our customers say

  • The Hard Code team has been helpful and professional during our development journey. They have a great team of engineers and have been flexible and engaged in bring my project from idea to reality.

    Jesse Smith, Founder
    Jesse Smith, Founder PhoneIn
  • Very good partner with excellent customer support and expert colleagues.

    I recommend to everyone!

    Gábor Vizy. PM
    Gábor Vizy. PM Forma Display
  • Their data analytical results provided us the needed insights to further improve our services. What really impressed us was the ease of communication and the quick responsiveness. Highly recommend Hard Code to other companies.

    Gábor Kostyál, Founder
    Gábor Kostyál, Founder AquaJet
  • HardCode was a great help when it came to EMC testing and prototype assembly. We plan to use their services for our upcoming products, too.

    László Monda, Founder
    László Monda, Founder Ultimate Gadget Laboratories

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