Before a developer writes a single line of code, we identify how your users engage and interact with the product. By diving deep into the problem space our business analyst can optimize your product strategy, milestones, costs, draw the product lifecycle and more. During this phase, we identify data structures, software and hardware interfaces and overall software architecture. We prefer to put serious amount of effort into the product design and specify megbytes and megahertzs to clearly define the path for the implementation phase.

If you bring your feature spec, welcome!



Armed with a specification, we draw the project backlog, effort estimation, milestones and prices. After accepting the offer, the PM crafts in-depth story points, builds up required development infrastructure and plans first sprint.

Preferred infrastructure stack: Atlassian Jira, GitHub, Jenkins, Amazon AWS / IoT, Eclipse, GCC ARM


Project set-up



Instead of jumping right into the final product, first we develop a “development board” containing all required features and more: measurement pins and holes, internal status LEDs, extra push buttons and interfaces, rich logging capabilities only for development and testing purposes. You probably won’t recognize the beauty of a market-ready product in it, but will help you a lot down the road.

Psst: in parallel we can start industrial designing the finalish case as well.

After the MVP have been lab-tested, its time to put it into the hands of your eager beta testers. Our hardware engineers then shrink the PCB, optimize Bill of Materials for mass production, fit PCB into the final case and manufacture the first batch (null-series).





Now, you have real user feedbacks, it’s time to finalize the product. Remove debug functions, implement missing product features, get certificates (CE, FCC) and molding tools.

We get you covered with trusted suppliers of PCB, parts, mold etc. from China or CEE region.

Uh, oh: are you ready with storage space, logistics, product support, warranty repairs, product recall procedures? We can help.

Getting into the hands of your first customers is only the beginning. Once your product goes live in your webshop we switch gears to provide long-term product management and growth hacking guidance.

The first wave of users brings a wave of invaluable data. Rather than settle for the status quo, we constantly fine-tune your feature set, ensuring that OTA firmware updates will bring the best user experience to the on-field devices and continues to gain user traction.




And get your project a jump start now!

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